Tavish to make fresh call for ferry fares reduction in Parliament

Tavish will today use a debate on accessible tourism to call on the Scottish Government to reduce ferry fares to and from Orkney and Shetland. 

Proposing an amendment to the government’s motion, Tavish will ask MSPs to agree that the cost of travel on routes between the Scottish mainland and the Northern Isles “serves as a barrier” for many households, particularly those with a disabled family member and who are more likely to live in poverty. The amendment also calls on Parliament to agree that a reduction in ferry fares “would extend the potential of accessible tourism” in the islands and across Scotland.

Commenting ahead of the debate, Tavish Scott said:

“Tourism is becoming an increasingly important part of our local economy, but the cost of getting the ferry from Aberdeen simply stops many visitors from coming to our islands. Similarly, Shetland families have to factor in hundreds of pounds extra when they want to go on holiday, and that’s just to get to the mainland.

“People with disabilities face an extra hurdle as they are more likely to be living on lower incomes. If the government is serious about promoting accessible and inclusive tourism it needs to take action to deliver the ferry fare reduction it promised last year.”

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