Tavish slams Vodafone over coverage announcement

Shetland MSP Tavish Scott has criticised Vodafone UK after the company claimed improved coverage for customers across the islands last week.

Vodafone heralded the arrival of its 4G network benefiting residents, businesses and visitors to Shetland. Tavish asked Vodafone to explain why there is no pan-Shetland 4G Vodafone coverage but still awaits an explanation.

Commenting, Tavish said:

“Investment in 4G mobile phone coverage will always be welcome, but not when it does not exist. Vodafone customers have had a hard time in recent years. Today Vodafone has been fined £4.6million for breaching consumer rules in other parts of its business by the telecom regulator. I have had many constituents who have been let down by the company’s customer service.

“So it is very disappointing that they claim to have provided 4G coverage for Shetland and that is sadly not the case. They now say that 4G will available in the Lerwick area from next month. This will be a big disappointment for those led to believe they would benefit straight away. Shetland desperately needs mobile phone companies and internet providers to offer more than empty words. I will continue to press for improvements with mobile phone providers and in Parliament to make sure Shetland does not fall further behind.”

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