Tavish slams SNP Government's hypocrisy on Shetland devolution

In light of the announcement by the SNP Government on devolving further powers to the three island authorities. Shetland MSP, Tavish Scott, noted how this announcement contrasts with the Scottish Government's record of stripping powers from Shetland over the last eight years. 

Tavish further commented: 

''The SNP have been in power for eight years. They have removed powers, responsibilities and money from the islands. Only now, six months before an election, do they decide to ask people what they want.

''Why is there no guarantee over the seabed being placed under island control? Why does the SNP not accept that creating a state police force has not helped community policing? Why are Shetland's health services underfunded by £900,000 every year by the SNP's own funding formula?

''The Scottish Government could answer these questions. But instead of explaining the GP crisis, the imposition of school league tables on Shetland education and exclusion of Shetland from the government's cheaper ferry fares scheme we are presented with a draft SNP manifesto for next year's elections.''


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