Tavish supports Nuisance Calls Campaign

Tavish Scott has welcomed a new initiative to prevent nuisance calls in Scotland by the consumer’s rights charity, Which?, who recently launched a new campaign calling on the Scottish Government to take action against the ongoing epidemic of nuisance calls in Shetland. Statistics published by Which? revealed that nine out of ten Scots received a nuisance call on their landline phone and that three quarters had been discouraged from answering the phone as a result.


Tavish Scott has participated in debates on this issue in 2012 and 2015, as a part of efforts by the Scottish Liberal Democrats to see a solution implemented.

Tavish Scott said:

“The issue of nuisance calls in Scotland has gone unaddressed for far too long. Too many people are receiving frequent cold calls and as a result are uncomfortable answering the phone in their own home.

“This harassment has reached intolerable levels and requires immediate action.

“John Swinney and the SNP once promised to crack down on nuisance calls back in 2013. I would now call upon the Deputy First Minister to finally take action on that pledge.”

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