Tavish responds to referendum announcement

Commenting after First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced plans to seek permission for another independence referendum, Shetland MSP Tavish Scott said:

“And so it begins again. Just two years after putting the country through one divisive referendum, the SNP are using the chaos of Brexit to force another one. Shetland made its position very clear in voting to remain in the EU and even more so, by wishing to be part of the UK. That is what I want to see happen.

“Is Scotland never going to concentrate on standards in our schools, the lack of GPs across the country and the need to lower ferry fares for islanders? Instead Scotland will now be in full campaign mode until the second referendum takes place.

“The person responsible for all this is not Nicola Sturgeon – it is David Cameron. He gambled with the UK’s future to resolve the historical fault lines with the Conservative Party. He is to blame for the mess of not one but two referenda, perpetual uncertainty and a future where Scotland could leave both the European and UK single markets.

“If Scotland is to vote on its future again then Shetland has to consider;

     a) Whether the SNP plan for an independent Scotland to be in or out of the EU. Nicola Sturgeon did not answer that today. It is essential that people know.

     b) If Scotland is to remain in the EU, then the fishing industry will still have the Common Fisheries Policy. They voted to leave the EU because of that policy.

     c) Shetland needs to analyse what is in the islands’ interests. Council candidates in May’s local elections will form a new SIC which will be charged with leadership on this future.

“I will work with that new council on exploring what is in Shetland’s interests.”


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