Tavish questions First Minister on HIE vote

Nicola Sturgeon would not confirm whether the Scottish Government will now abandon their plan to abolish the HIE board during First Minister’s Questions today.

Shetland MSP Tavish Scott asked her to accept yesterday’s majority Parliament vote to retain the HIE Board. The First Minister said the government would “reflect” on their Parliamentary defeat.

Speaking after First Minister’s Questions Tavish Scott said,

“Nicola Sturgeon should today have accepted Parliament’s vote to keep the HIE Board. She did not. What is it about a Parliamentary defeat that the SNP do not understand? MSP’s from every party except the SNP have argued for the retention of the HIE Board. That view won. So why will the FM not accept democracy? MSP’s from all parties will keep up the pressure on this government to accept and honour the decision that Parliament has reached.”

A video of Tavish's exchange with the First Minister is available here



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