Tavish questions First Minister on fisheries policy post-Brexit vote

Tavish today asked First Minister Nicola Sturgeon to recognise that the majority of people involved in the fishing industry voted to leave the EU last Thursday. Speaking at Holyrood’s First Minister’s Questions, Tavish asked the FM to recognise that decades of the failing Common Fisheries Policy underpinned the rejection of the EU and emphasised that irrespective of the Scottish Government's preferred option moving forward, existing fishing policy can not stay the same.

Speaking afterwards Tavish Scott said:

“The First Minister does understand that not only fishing people voted leave, but one million people did across Scotland. We all have a responsibility to understand that. On fisheries more of the same is not possible. So I will press the Scottish Government to work on a better policy in the interests of the industry as the options for our future are discussed and explored.”

The official record of Tavish's exchange with the First Minister can be found here

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