Tavish meets with Chief Fire Officer

Tavish today met with Scottish Fire and Rescue Service’s Chief Officer, Alasdair Hay, to discuss problems facing the service in Shetland.

Emergency call handlers from Aberdeen and Inverness were moved to Dundee in December. Since then, a range of errors have been made including crew from Bressay being dispatched to an incident in Yell. Tavish Scott has written to the convener of Parliament’s Justice Committee, as well as the Auditor General, about the need to review the centralisation of fire services. 

Commenting after the meeting, Tavish Scott said:

“The Dundee control room for 999 emergency call outs must work for all of us. I discussed the detail of what went wrong with the recent incident involving Yell and Bressay. It is reassuring that the local fire crews in both islands immediately spotted the technical mistake. The problem was rectified and fire appliances were sent to the right destination on the right island. I sought an assurance that this shouldn’t happen again and I was pleased by the Chief Fire Officer’s commitment to that.

“I also raised the maintenance of fire appliances in Shetland. Alasdair Hay assures me that equipment in Shetland is being maintained to the proper standard and more often than is set down in fire regulations. That is important and right.

“I will meet the Chief again in April to review progress on control room operations and Shetland’s fire service and I look forward to continuing a sensible dialogue about this essential part of the islands emergency cover.”

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