Tavish comments on success of Shetland's fishing industry

New analysis of fisheries statistics by NAFC Marine Centre has found that, in 2015, more fish were landed in Shetland than in all of England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The 72,000 tonnes of fish and shellfish were worth £61 million and accounted for almost a quarter of Scotland’s catch. The analysis, by Dr Ian Napier, found that a third of the total catch in UK waters were caught around Shetland.

Commenting, Tavish Scott said:

“These revealing figures illustrate how important fish is to the Shetland economy. At £300 million the output from Shetland's seafood sector is massively important to the wider Scottish and U.K. economies too.

“As the annual EU Fisheries negotiations appear over the horizon it is vitally important that the European Commission and both governments recognise Shetland's dependency on fisheries and deliver a deal that supports the industry.”

Notes: The full report is available here.

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