Tavish comments on NHS Shetland travel decision

NHS Shetland has announced it will no longer seek to ask the majority of patients travelling to Aberdeen for medical treatment to travel by boat. 

The policy proposal proved deeply unpopular and led to two online petitions signed by hundreds of people across Shetland.

Commenting after the news, Tavish said: 

"This was an ill thought out, wrong proposal from day one. Shetland health board have done the right thing. I hope they will reflect on the worry and concern that has been caused, particularly to elderly people across Shetland. 

"I want to thank Malcolm Bell and others on the Board who said this travel policy wouldn't work and asked why there had been no serious negotiations with Loganair or Northlink before it was publicly announced. I am also puzzled that we were all told that because of the election the Health Board could not say what they were doing. Now in the middle of the election, their policy position is public.

"This has not been a good time for sensible, well thought out health plans for Shetland. I expect the Board to have a long hard look at what happened here."

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