Scott questions NHS Scotland boss over cuts to Shetland health

NHS Scotland has wasted nearly £50million on a computer for NHS24 that still does not work. At the Scottish Parliament Audit Committee today, Shetland MSP Tavish Scott questioned the boss of Scotland's NHS on this massive waste of public money. He contrasted this with the cuts now facing health services in Shetland. Tavish Scott has been told Shetland's GP practices have been asked to find £300,000 of savings.

Tavish Scott said:

"I am very concerned about the impact of Scottish Government cuts on Shetland's health services. I have been told that our local GP practices have been asked to make £300,000 of cuts. That can only have a huge impact on primary care that is the busiest part of the health service. Our doctors, nurses and key medical staff are already under real pressure.

"What is unacceptable to Shetland's health staff is that £50million of money has been wasted on a IT system that has not worked. Three-quarters of a million pounds has been spent on consultants. So the Scottish Government has spent more on consultants than the cuts that GP practices in Shetland now face.

He added:

"£50million could have been spent on health services in Shetland and elsewhere. That £50 million would make an enormous difference to the pressure our local health board is under. They would not be facing the level of cuts now being introduced had the Scottish Government not made such a mess of NHS24. There seems no end to the government computer shambles that are costing hundreds of millions of pounds.

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