Tavish Scott & Liam McArthur Reiterate Calls for 50% ADS Discount

Local MSPs Liam McArthur and Tavish Scott have reiterated their calls for Scottish Ministers to act to bring down the cost of fares on lifeline air services to and from Northern Isles.  

The calls came following a meeting Mr McArthur and Mr Scott held in the Scottish Parliament this afternoon with Scott and Phoebe Preston, whose social media campaign on this issue has attracted significant support from people living in all three main island groups in Scotland.

Commenting after the meeting, Shetland’s MSP, Tavish Scott said:

"The Fair Fares campaign has pressed the Scottish Government for a higher rate of Air Discount Scheme. I agree. We need everyone to help in reducing the costs we all pay. So the Scottish Government could respond positively to the campaign's pressure by increasing the ADS rate from 40 to 50%. That is allowed by EU rules as is reintroducing island based businesses into the scheme which would help the economy of all the islands."

Orkney’s MSP, Liam McArthur added:

“Improving the reliability of our lifeline air services remains the priority, but affordability is also a key issue. That is why I have been so impressed by the Fair Fares campaign, led by Scott and Phoebe Preston, which has already led to concessions being made by Loganair.

“More, though, needs to be done by all those with a role to play. This includes Scottish Ministers, who must now heed the growing calls for increased support under the Air Discount Scheme. ADS at 50% rather than 40%, for example, would go a long way to improving affordability on our lifeline routes”.

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