Putting Shetland First - Tavish's campaign for Shetland's future

An absolute commitment to put Shetland first is Tavish Scott's approach to the 2016 campaign for the Shetland constituency in the Scottish Parliament. Launching his campaign in Lerwick and on-line Tavish is putting schools, health, transport and local jobs at the heart of his campaign.

Tavish said,"My campaign for Shetland is about energetically making the islands case in the new Parliament elected on May 5th. My commitment to the people of Shetland is simple. I will put our islands first if I am re-elected to serve Shetland. Reversing the cuts our schools face, reducing the pressure on our GPs, nurses and health staff and cheaper fares on transport are my priorities for Shetland. Croft payments have been a shambles. Local fishermen are deeply concerned by the imposition of a discard ban that could cost jobs and put the industry's future in jeopardy. I will fight for our local crofters and fishermen. I will make their case will all the energy that is needed.

Tavish's campaign for Shetland is online with regular video clips as he campaigns around Shetland. He is meeting young people in special events as the voting age is reduced to include 16 & 17 year olds. Tavish said, "Politics matter. So my online Shetland campaign will encourage people to message, Facebook or give their views on twitter. My campaign will be open and accessible."

Tavish added,"I am determined that my campaign for Shetland will reach all parts of our islands. It is a marathon all the way to May 5th. But I will hit the roads, pavements and ferry of Shetland running. My campaign will be bigger, better and more effective than ever before. 

"Shetland needs active, energetic and determined representation. Being Shetland's person in Holyrood is a great privilege. I know the job. Experience matters. The greatest reward is not delivering ADS for Shetland as a government minister, important as that was. It is the individual housing problem or chasing up a health appointment for someone. These can make a difference to people the length and breadth of the islands.

"That experience makes me want to work harder for people across the islands. I will always put local people first. That is my commitment to Shetland and I believe it is an approach that Shetland wants."


Note: Tavish Scott has visits to Sumburgh and Muckle Roe today, Thursday 24th March, as well as campaigning in Lerwick.

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