Tavish questions Gilbert Bain Hospital cancelled operation figures

Figures released by the NHS across Scotland today show that 5.4% of operations were cancelled in July at the Gilbert Bain Hospital due to capacity or non-clinical reasons. The Scottish average is 1.4%. Shetland MSP Tavish Scott is asking whether the small number of medical procedures taking place in Lerwick skew the figures when compared to large hospitals such as Aberdeen Royal Infirmary. The figures produced by the Scottish Government show that 9 out of 166 scheduled operations were cancelled due to non-clinical reasons. This is a significant rise from June when only 3 operations (1.9%) were cancelled at the Gilbert Bain Hospital for non-clinical reasons.

Tavish said: 

“National statistics on health affecting Shetland need to be treated with some caution. The numbers are inevitably smaller. Operations that get cancelled for clinical reasons or by patients themselves are easy to understand. But the NHS rightly needs to look into operations cancelled for non-clinical or capacity reasons. That must be very frustrating both for patients waiting for treatment and the staff concerned. So I am sure that NHS Shetland will want to look closely into this as these figures are produced by the Scottish Government.”

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